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And Away They Go... We're Talking Decorating for Horse Racing & Derby Days

February 08, 2023 2 min read

Derby Days and Horse Racing Decorations

Horse Racing Kick-Off and Derby Days Party Decorations

Horse racing is a popular sport that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. It's an exciting and thrilling experience that brings together friends and family to celebrate the joy of horse racing. The Kentucky Derby, held annually in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the most famous horse racing events in the world, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the globe. It's the perfect opportunity to have a fun-filled party and show off your love for horse racing. Here are some tips for decorating your home for a horse racing kick-off or Derby Days party.

  1. Use a Racing Theme

To set the mood for your horse racing party, consider incorporating a racing theme into your decorations. Use racing flags, jockey silks, horseshoes, and horse sculptures to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. You can also use racing banners, posters, and balloons to liven up your walls and ceilings.

  1. Create a Horse Racing Track

Create a horse racing track in your backyard or living room by using masking tape to outline the track. You can also use horse figurines, toy horses, or plastic horses to represent the horses racing. This will provide a fun and interactive element to your party, as guests can bet on the horses and watch them race.

  1. Use Horse Racing Colors

Horse racing is often associated with vibrant and bold colors, such as red, green, blue, and yellow. Use these colors in your party decorations to create a lively and energetic atmosphere. You can use colored tablecloths, napkins, and streamers, or decorate your walls and windows with horse racing-themed posters and banners.

  1. Set up a Mint Julep Bar

The Mint Julep is a traditional cocktail served at the Kentucky Derby and is considered the signature drink of horse racing. Setting up a Mint Julep bar at your party is a great way to bring the horse racing experience to life. Provide guests with a variety of ingredients, such as mint leaves, sugar, and bourbon, to make their own Mint Juleps.

  1. Use Decorative Centerpieces

Centerpieces are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your horse racing party. You can create beautiful floral arrangements in horse racing colors, or use horse figurines and racing trophies as centerpieces. You can also place racing programs, tickets, and photos on the table to add to the atmosphere.

In conclusion, horse racing kick-off and Derby Days parties are a great way to celebrate the sport and bring friends and family together. Use these tips to create a fun and exciting atmosphere at your next horse racing party. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large celebration, these decorations will help you create a memorable and enjoyable event.

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